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Vayendar Application

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Vayendar Application Empty Vayendar Application

Post by Vayendar on Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:22 am

Character Name: Vayendar Windblaze

Character Class: Druid

Character Race: Night elf

Character Level: 90

Character Gender: Male

Short Character description:
A male druid clad in simplistic leather clothing fitting to his craft; a flora of flowers and nature, leaves and roots adorning the thick kilt, gloves and various other pieces. His chest is bare and adorned in the scars of a long life on full display, a mixture of claw, weaponry and magic. His entire body is toned in muscles meant to last.


Real Life age: 18

Reason to join: Simply to see what it's like, I'll not deny that I am a fan of ERP. But I'm interested in much more than merely that, interracting with interesting characters and watching relationships blossom between them.

Have you read and agreed on Conduct Requirements?:
That I have


Which Branch would you like to join:
(Sentinel, Priesthood, Commoners, Druid branches so far)
I believe my character would fit nicely into the druid branch.

Which Sisterhood member convinced you to join:
No one, I merely stumbled upon the concept a long time ago and decided to pay it a visit and roleplay a bit around the area, found it interesting and engaging.

Character Screenshot:

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Vayendar Application Empty Re: Vayendar Application

Post by Naomi Silverleaf on Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:10 am

Oh, another male druid seeks to join us.

A pleasant application. I would have no objections to it.

However, that is a rather peculiar nickname you have for the forums. ^^'
Let's just hope that our sisters will recognize who you are when you post something on another thread on the forums.

We are currently full in our Revered Ally list, but some of them have been offline for a month or more straight, and will therefore be kicked to leave room for a more active Revered Ally to join us.

Will invite you as soon as allows, welcome!

You thought it was Naomi but it was ME DIO!
Naomi Silverleaf
Naomi Silverleaf
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Vayendar Application Empty Re: Vayendar Application

Post by Selarin on Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:03 pm

I agree with Naomi. A well done Application, I find no faults in it and Approve it.

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Vayendar Application Empty Re: Vayendar Application

Post by Sponsored content

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