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Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

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Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

Post by Anadoriel on Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:34 pm


A quick word before I go to the application. You shall see the Character will have two descriptions separated by a double slash (//). I simply have 2 concepts in mind and I wish to give you (my hopefully future roleplay partners.) the chance to decide. I've chosen to do it this way so you can evaluate for yourselves if one fits the guild concept better than another. I've spent the time to browse the forums actively.
One is a male character, one a female, both elves. I hope you'll consider this application thoroughly.


Character Name: Anadoriel Moonweaver // Arilthor Moonweaver

Character Class: Druid

Character Race: Night Elf

Character Level: 85 (WoD boost is available and probably will be used on this character.)

Character Gender: Female // Male

Short Character description:
Anadoriel is a druid, with a continuous love for nature she doesn't even attempt to hide. She is a pacifist and a healer, having chosen to use her gift to mend illness and injury rather than the possibility to inflict it. Due to such nature, she has not mastered the art of shapeshifting, nor does she find it interesting to learn.

She is a young, naiven delicate and withdrawn creature. Despite her height (1m85), she doesn't hunt for the spotlight. She has a tight, purple body, which gives the impression she is blushing continuously. Her green hair flows down in uneven strands, giving it an unkempt look. Her fertility has been questioned before due to her small breasts and mildly developed hips, which she hopes will grow as she ages. Her small waistline gives her, despite her lack of prominent curves, a very feminine hourglass-shape.

Arilthor is a Druid of the Wild. He venerates the cycle of life and death through it's development and reproduction. In such, he has taken years to learn from animals and plants more than he has from his kin. It's allowed him to master the arts of weaving nature. Roots, bark, even the sight of a cat or the stamina of an elk, it's duty and it's playfulness. That is why the Moonglaive Sisterhood caught his attention. Kal'dorei openly accepting their nature and expressing it, this by duty or pleasure is something he could devote himself to, revering his female kin for their strength in both aspects.

He is a tall, strong man. Having lived at the mercy of the wilds, revering both Elune and Ysera, he has taken the time to hone his physical state on a daily basis. He is broad-shouldered and does not care much for subtlety. He has wild green hair he lets flow to his back, letting his beard grow freely, as is his belief in all things. The man has a serene look to him in a natural environment, though sticks out like a sore thumb in urban terrain.


Real Life age: 25

Reason to join: I'm interested mostly in open Kal'dorei RP. After a chat with Naomi, I've decided to give this place a thorough try. The first idea of everyone being of adult age is very appealing, obviously. I am curious to see if this guild and I will fit in that glove that is so hard to find. ;-)

Have you read and agreed on Conduct Requirements?: Yes, I have. They are straightforward.


Which Branch would you like to join: It seems to me this is better discussed through Roleplay. Arilthor would be a friend to the Sisterhood, obviously. Anadoriel is young and might have to be evaluated/guided in the roleplay. Character progression is key to roleplay after all.
(Sentinel, Priesthood, Commoners, Druid branches so far)

Which Sisterhood member convinced you to join: N/A

Character Screenshot: I will refrain, seeing as I am applying with 2 concepts.

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Re: Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

Post by Kateras on Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:30 pm

i am not able to recruit  you into the sisterhood,
but i can say that both your applications seems to be fine aslong you deside which one you'll be going for, since its confusing as of yet which sex you'll be playing

when thats said, your female verison would find herself suited into the guild by her physical form and abilitys, however there are quite the people who icly would disagree with a naive pacifist, this will surely course some indiffrence.

your male application seems to be alrighty though our guild have yet not had any really succesfully males that get to join in most of the play and end up keeping themselves to the sidelines watching. would therefore take some extra effort to play a male sex.

pleasure is a gift you give, even if its sex or whips. whoever enjoying it would most likely return such fun.

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Re: Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

Post by Anadoriel on Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:36 pm

Thank you for taking the time to answer, Kateras. Anadoriel & Arilthor are two different characters and only one will join the guild. I hope this answers your confusion regarding gender. Smile

To respond to your points briefly: Anadoriel wants to learn, so the initiative will come. If she receives little response through roleplay, that will be roleplay.

As for the effort necessary with Arilthor, I'm prepared to work for roleplay.

In the end, I have to get integrated in the guild should I get invited, and that requires effort on both sides.

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Re: Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

Post by Naomi Silverleaf on Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:23 am

These two characters are very well descripted, props for taking your time to make such a detailed and well organized application.

I'm unsure of which to vote for. Naturally a male druidess is quite as interesting to see in Rp as a female one.
However, as the guild's name is 'Sisterhood', I will go ahead and vote for the female.

Still, quite interested to see how a, experienced male druid acts IC.

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Naomi Silverleaf
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Re: Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

Post by Selarin on Sat Jul 05, 2014 11:00 am

We've no more spots left for males have we not? If we have, then it's truely upto you.

Because I'd take either as both sound alright.

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Re: Anadoriel//Arilthor Application

Post by Sponsored content

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