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Kiha Embertear

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Kiha Embertear

Post by Kiha on Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:58 pm

Character Name: Kiha Embertear
Character Class: Warrior
Character Race: Night Elf
Character Level: 100
Character Gender: Cock-girl!
Short Character description:

Kiha... if that is her real name... used to be proud executioner of her noble race, fighting for their cause since the teenage years after witnessing the first of slaughters caused by either Orcs or Legions, dedicated to protect the others and punish those, who would compromise the safety of innocent and of course her own kind... yet many things were supposed to change after taking place in a bloody conflict in Duskwood inbetween the local Vanguard and Bane, where she was seen the last time...

After unknown events afterwards she disappeared for months, noneone had seen her until the Twilight were vanquished.Once again she returned to Darnassus, but she looked completely different, her behavior strict and stubborn, priedeful and arrogant, nearly opposite from how her few friends used to know her.
She lent her aid to the rebellion against Garrosh and uprising of Sha in Pandaria to use her new gained powers in combat... now once again traveling all around Azeroth, finding her new... victims, standing as a renegade inbetween both of the factions.
Shrouded in legends and mysteries with a bitter smile spread upon lips, heavy armor hiding what past caused on her body and heart.

In front of you stands a tall elven girl with hair dark as the midnight sky, glancing around with her violet eyes with a hidden spark lost inside them, dark-lipstick painted lips held tightly sealed together,the runed ornaments below her left eye adorning her face, rest of her body, may it or may not bare any scars, hidden beneath one of the heavy metallic outfits. She can be seen around mostly in her either "natural" draconian armor or in, by society more acceptable, gladiator's, bladed  plate. She often toys with a rusty, silvery locket hanging from around her neck, thoughtfully.

Real Life age: 19
Reason to join: I am very interested in the Kal'dorei related role-play and used to be before a member of Sisterhood. I have always seeked some friendly, tolerating Night Elven guild focused on both casual RP and events as a lore-geek since the release of first W3 strategies.

Have you read and agreed on Conduct Requirements?: Yes!
Which Sisterhood member convinced you to join: Nillariel
Character Screenshot:

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Re: Kiha Embertear

Post by Naomi Silverleaf on Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:56 pm

Interesting back-story, Kiha seems like an experienced fighter!

She also seems experienced with the knowledge of the world, having participated in all those battles.

I've no objections with your application, hope you will enjoy your time in the sisterhood! Welcome! Smile

You thought it was Naomi but it was ME DIO!
Naomi Silverleaf
Naomi Silverleaf
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