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Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf

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Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf Empty Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf

Post by Kalithia Shadowleaf on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:44 pm


Character Name: Kalithia Shadowleaf

Character Class: Rogue (Huntress ICly)

Character Race: Kaldorei

Character Level: 20

Character Gender: Shemale

Short Character description:


Standing seven feet tall, this huntress seems to bear herself with confidence yet with a certain vigilance towards her surroundings. On first sight one can likely see her long mane of shimmering purple hair, her lightly toned hourglass shaped form and her overall feminine form, seemingly blessed with an ample bosom and wide motherly hips.

Yet when taking more time to look at the Kaldorei huntress a wide array of more details would be revealed to the observer. Such as her heart shaped face and her almond white eyes, her features seemingly unblemished by the tides of war, still retaining her youthful beauty despite her age.

Twin red marks run down the length of her face, symbolizing her rite of passage as a huntress and would roughly translate into "The Swift One". Her full lips seem to be adorned with a dark purple lipstick which can often be seen glistening in the light.

Her long purple hair seems to be well kept, despite the huntress's overall feral appearance to most. On her shoulder rests a single braid of her own purple hair, a dark blue feather seeming to be attached to the end of the braid.

From her right ear dangles a single silver earring, seeming to have a small silver crescent moon attached to it while her left ear has a few silver rings pierced through it. Her thin neck adorned with a simple string necklace as the fangs of large lupines and felines can be spotted dangling from the length of the straw necklace.

Her feminine hourglass shaped body bearing slight signs of training as her mostly her limbs and abdomen show some signs of practice, judging from her slightly toned form. Yet it is likely that the huntress values agility over sheer strength like most elves.

The Huntress seems to prefer wearing light leathers over her body, leaving an ample amount of soft pink skin revealed to anyone who would watch. Interestingly enough most if not all of the leather she wears seems to have been fashioned from the skin of predators such as tigers, wolves, panthers and the like, as if she were making a point about something.

Within her tight leather vest two massive orbs seem to be straining against the texture of her vest. The sheer size of them challenging it at every turn while her cleavage offers an almost indecent amount of skin to any onlooker. Yet the huntress seems to take no shame in it, judging from how her variety of leather clothing often sticks to a trend of showing her large mounds off.

While her tight leather pants have to contest with her wide motherly hips and her doughy behind, almost seeming to tear at the light leather, the huntress often walking with a seductive sway to her wide hips. Unfortunately for some the huntress seems to often walk with a dark panther pelt wrapped around her waist, serving to veil a perhaps larger secret.

Against her right thigh rests a sizeable length that seems to nearly run down to her knee, seeming to be quite thick in girth as well. Yet this bulge is often veiled by the panther pelt wrapped around her waist and would likely require the right angle to observe.


Kalithia is known for her playfulness, yet in a different and perhaps a less innocent way than others as she often enjoys playing with the mind of others, which makes her no stranger to putting up a variety of masks, be it the eager companion, the ruthless huntress or the playful lover. Kalithia has her roots amongst the Sentinels but prefers to work independantly, mostly due the fact that the membership of the Sentinels tends to be primarily composed out of women. Often working on her tasks with a near single-minded purpose of a predator, it may seem unlike the whimsical huntress to display such focus as it is often compared to the moment when a predator goes out for the hunt.

Being no stranger to combat, Kalithia has taught herself how to handle the glaive, longbow and blades along with mounted combat. Perhaps with more focus and dedication she could have carved out a respectable position amongst the Sentinels but seems to have primarily remained in the shadows of her peers as she often indulges in her latest whims. Besides sating her basic urges, Kalithia also enjoys reading and carving small wood idols.


Real Life age: 21

Reason to join: I've heard from a friend about the amazing potential for roleplay in here and I thought it would suit my own style of roleplay!
Kalithia Shadowleaf
Kalithia Shadowleaf

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Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf Empty Re: Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf

Post by Naomi Silverleaf on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:54 pm

Oh my, that's a very detailed and delightful application, Kalithia!

It seems that all requirements for joining have been met here, therefore I would love it for you to join in our ranks!

Welcome to the Sisterhood~

You thought it was Naomi but it was ME DIO!
Naomi Silverleaf
Naomi Silverleaf
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Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf Empty Re: Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf

Post by Selarin on Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:51 pm

Very good application, look forword to seeing you around.

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Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf Empty Re: Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf

Post by Ashenchesa on Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:28 pm

I keep telling them they don't need to do applications, but they keep making them! They just.. keep.. making them! And they are getting.. bigger! *cries histerically*

Off the joking note, I liked how thoroughly you described your huntress with attention to every detail and heritage part. Thats the kind of detailed RP I always lacked and envied. You must be interesting and rich person to role play with. Im very glad you chose to join and impatiently looking forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome!  Wink

Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf New_bi12

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Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf Empty Re: Application: Kalithia Shadowleaf

Post by Sponsored content

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