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Application - Thenduil Mistglaive

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Application - Thenduil Mistglaive Empty Application - Thenduil Mistglaive

Post by Thenduil on Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:48 pm


Character Name: Thenduil Mistglaive (Dor'elethmayne)  

Character Class: Warrior

Character Race: Night Elf

Character Level: 95 - and climbing

Character Gender: Male

Short Character description: A guardian, through and through, Thenduil inhabits the straight and strong poise of an elf trained with spear and sword, standing at an average height. The pride he exemplifies raises him, broad shoulders and a muscular torso making him as fine a specimen as anyone could make of elves. Purple, long hair has been cared for over the decades passing, with usual fair features beneath. The smile is easy and the eyes are not devoid of kindness.

A broken nose, with an assortment of smaller scars below the armor, is all he possesses for blemishing. Often seen in armor that has been polished and cleaned, Thenduil does not necessarily stand out in the crowd, though it is said he has a truly beautiful singing voice.  


Real Life age: 21

Reason to join: I'm hoping the guild can give me good experiences with roleplay, be it erotic or otherwise. I aim to stick around and find out, and potentially host some casual events ranging from monster-hunts to fun training exercises. I've been dying to do some Night-elven roleplay lately.

Have you read and agreed on Conduct Requirements?: Yes.

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Application - Thenduil Mistglaive Empty Re: Application - Thenduil Mistglaive

Post by Naomi Silverleaf on Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:12 pm

Hello Thenduil!

Your application looks promising, and original. I like it. Smile

Just thought I would mention for the sake of information: As you are not a Night elf Female, your case of joining the Sisterhood is as a the OOC rank Revered Ally.

As we have currently many spots open for RA (Revered Allies) to join our guild, I would therefore like to let you in!

Out of curiousity I do wonder how males will fit into a Sisterhood, but that is to be found out when you introduce Thenduil in roleplay to us!

I don't see any reason to wait with inviting you, therefore you should ask for an officer in-game to get it done! Smile

It is possible that if you desire Thenduil to join us IC, we could have an interview arranged in the roleplay.

Welcome to our fun and friendly adult roleplaying community!

Edit: It is good to hear you want to contribute by making events! Let us speak about this after seeing how you like the guild some time after you've joined. Very Happy

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