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Post by Ashenchesa on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:55 pm

Normal Events.

In the Moonglaive Sisterhood we will be holding a various engaging action events. Some of them involve /roll -based combat in a rather simple DnD system.
We are constantly trying to develop new ways of doing our events, but so far most of them are military style, patrols, sparring or alike.
Anyone is free to join with creative ideas of making events that you would like to see within our sisterhood.

It will be done in order to bring us closer together and build our relationships stronger by possible (depending on type of event) proof of combat side by side.

The events are sometime including atmospheric dungeon crawling, sieges of enemy strongholds, stealth assassinations, open field battles, criminal hunts, druidic and military councils, explorations, hostage rescue and other unique design events of amusing nature.

Society Branches.

There is a number of societies in the sisterhood, namely Sentinels, Commoners, Druids and Priests (We are constantly trying to develop these branches, and more of them may appear in the future.)

Each branch has its own leaders and sub-leaders. Separate events that can correlate with the sisterhood or be secluded from other branches.

Society branches are built for separation of classes and divisions to fuel true to life role play and variety of interaction between members.

Spontaneous Role Play

More often then anything else, you might find yourself engaged in spontaneous role play among members of the Moonglaive Sisterhood which could lead to spontaneously occurring events and interactions. In every instance of such role play, you are expected to act exactly how you would act and not as guild expects you to act controversy to popular belief.

Do what you or your character would do and do not be afraid of OOC criticism, though expect realistic IC consequence for your actions.
(As long as your character's actions won't violate the guild rules of course.)

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Post by Naomi Silverleaf on Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:52 pm

Updated 2014-08-25

You thought it was Naomi but it was ME DIO!
Naomi Silverleaf
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